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Saturday, January 1, 2011

On your mark, get set,....

Well 2011 has been great so far.  A lockin with the kids.  A count down starting at forty five seconds (you have to love youth groups).  Only one injury and one illness during the night.  No trips to the emergency room.  Par for the course.

Being with friends.  Basking in the love of those you care about and who care about you is so much more important than having a few Doritos at 12:03am January 1st 2011.  Don't you think?

I know both can be wonderful (especially when talking about cool Ranch) but its a lesson in contrast, thinking about the significance of each looking forward the next 40 days.  Its a powerfully abstract image of priority.  What am I going to recognize as valuable, vital, and important?  Food, clothes, and shelter?  Or Love, justice and mercy?

Lets be thankful for both..... and hold on to the Micah 6:8 things.

Today is a good day.  The plan:  Love you and God more this year.

12:01 am weigh in at 217.5 lbs.  I think the scale weighs high by the way because I know I can't weight almost as much as my brother.
1:23 am was really excited to find out Rachel was going to do the fast with me as she ate her doughnut?  Better late than never
2:11AM - also very excited to find out Isaac is going to participate in some way.
5:11pm - Still not hungry.

Nothing but water so far....but keeping those juice options open.

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