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Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 24

Weigh in - 189lbs.  I guess I ought to mention I'm not very good about what I'm wearing while I'm weighing.  Didn't feel like taking the shoes off today but hey its just a generality anyways.

I've been having some strange feelings lately.  Does anyone ever feel loved and rejected at the same time?  You know someone cares about you......just not enough to sacrifice for you?  You know someone is fond of you....but they are just more fond of something else?  It sucks.  sorry.. It stinks.

I get these feelings all the time (at least once a year) with our church family.  A family or college student will leave and go somewhere else saying they love our church but its not the right "fit".  I completely understand the usual logic.  It makes sense.  I am never angry with anyone who leaves.....but its always disappointing and makes me sad because I know it likely means a loss of relationship.  Many times it is best for various reasons to move on.  I know we have to do what's best for our immediate family......

I guess what I have a hard time with is how many people come to a church looking for what "meets their needs" and not "what needs they can meet".  I don't think this is most people but its a lot of people.   Usually finding out what helps others is what would best meet our needs....we just don't always realize it.  I love my family but I didn't get to choose them.  I'm glad God made it that way.  I think he made the church that way too.  (I know we are a part of the big family of God I just think there is something special about your local church family).

What I love about my church is I feel needed.  There are things I do, people I can help that utilize my unique skills and personality.  They may not be extraordinary skills......but they are given me by God.....and I feel best when I can use them.

What needs does your church family have?  Will you meet them?  Or wait for them to meet yours?

I hope this didn't sound negative....It is just a reminder to myself for when I get discontented.  I go through this thought process to remind myself I am the only one I can change and then only by the power of God.   Why worry?  Just try to love more.  That's our call, what we were made to do.  We have the best chance to demonstrate this when everything isn't going our way, not when it is.

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