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Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10 - Snow!

Well I don't have a weight update today because I didn't leave the house.  Wasn't it beautiful outside?  I just love the snow.  Its beautiful, and clean.  I brings memories of not going to school, getting to sleep in, sledding, playing and excitement.  Those will always be associated with snow for me.

Isn't interesting how these associations occur?  Simple experiences we've all had can cause multitudes of associations.

I've been reading John Piper's book on fasting today.  He associates fasting with feasting.  Feasting on God.  I like that.  Instead of focusing on things in the negative you concentrate on basking in the goodness of God.  He calls it developing a hunger for God.  You can appreciate those things you put aside for a while that much more when seen in the light of this goodness.  For the next 30 days....I get to feast!

I have a couple questions that have been puzzling me.  Why do I still keep burping when I've had only water for 10 days?  This is strange to me.

Today was a good day.  I think to pace myself I am going to have to start taking a nap every day.  It seems to make a world of difference in my weakened state.  lol.

Thank you Lord for all the opportunities we get each day to encourage each other.

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  1. I dig the parallel to feasting. As I mentioned to you in an email, I at some time came across the sentiment in Jewish thought that Shabbat is not a day for fasting. And really, it feels like exactly the opposite, indeed -- it is a day to "luxuriate" in family, scripture, and rest. But how is this feasting achieved? By restricting one's activities. It is with a resounding "no" that the "yes" becomes so much more clear and delightful.