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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 28 - Spam>Treet Meat>Potted Meat

My refrigerator is clearing is my pantry.  Last night I ate a couple year old burritos I found way in the back of the freezer.  Still good.  The day before I experienced the wonders of potted meat.  For you guys that may not be familiar with potted meat, it ranks right below Treet Meat on the cheap meat scale.  In fact it reminded me a little of blended Vienna Saugages.  It was weird eating meat that spread like peanut butter but it was tastier than I thought.  Why did I have a can of potted meat, you ask?

It kind of looks like dog food but I liked it.

A little over a year ago I took a group of teens on a spring break mission/fun trip.  One of our many stops was at the disaster relief center in Nashville, TN.  We spend about four hours one days boxing thousands of cans of potted meat for disaster victims.  I had never heard of potted meat before and was curious.  I came home, bought a can for about 35 cents and proceeded to let it sit there for over a year.  For 35 cents it was not too bad.  If I ever make my own disaster relief package I may have to add a few cans because I am guessing it has the ability to remain unspoiled for decades.

I still haven't gassed up since day 11.  This biking thing is rockin.

Next menu items (hopefully)..........powdered milk....(I hope I don't gag) and squirrel (I have to catch enough first)

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