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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12

Some other Things I have been thankful for during this fast....

1. Blue Jeans - I quit wearing them a couple years ago because they were not as "comfortable" as slacks.  Due to 12 days of fasting...miraculously these old jeans seem to fit much better.  I like jeans.
2. Washing Dishes - I hate it.  No dirty dishes.  Fasting is good.
3. Weakness.  I am getting weaker every day.  The good news is I get a workout sitting right here at my desk curling my stapler.
4. $$$$ - I estimate that I spend $300-400.  Don't judge.  But that is $350 bucks straight in my pocket.
5. Empathy - praying for the hungry is much more real
6. Space heaters - I like sitting in front of them.  I like the sound and the feel.  It relaxes me.  Less body fat = more chills = more space heater
7. Cooking - What you say?  Well I can't cook for me, so I've been learning some tips from my roomie.  Ghanian specialties.
8. Catching up- talked to more old friends in the the last two weeks than I can remember.
9. Dreams - I have settled into the pattern of dreaming of yummy foods every night.
10. Delayed Gratification - Instant gratification is what I'd got used to.  I get excited thinking about how wonderful this taste delay is going to exponentially amplify the euphoria I experience that first bowl of chicken noodle soup.  mmmmmmm............

Weight today - 201.5lbs

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