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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 23

Learned my lesson yesterday.  Go easy on the juices.  I feel 100% better so far and have decided to limit myself simply to sips throughout the day, at least until my stomach adjust a little.

I just loved our worship this morning and realized how much I love our church family.  We have so many beautiful folks and it is so encouraging being around them.  I asked everyone to start thinking about when they want to start hanging out when my vision is gone.  I'm a little nervous but anxious to spend some time with folks in some unique situations.

Except may Robb who started talking about Bungee

I was reminded of my blessedness when I went to the Perry Correctional Facility yesterday.  Sitting and listening to one of the inmates talk about his about routine.  You make a horrible decision when you are twenty years old and your entire life is altered.   Almost no freedom to do anything.  Most of us have the capacity to do everything.  Tons of choices, possibilities, indulgences, freedoms......Its crazy how much we have.

And yet there are a couple things we can't......and thats what we think about?  Hard to imagine...but we do.

Today may not be exciting, but my friend in prison would give anything to trade places.

Jesus, could have traded places with us too, but he didn't.  He stayed in "prison" (metophorically) so we wouldn't have to.

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