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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Smell Fast - Day 30

Yesterday, I was shaving and cut my nose.  Guys, you know what I am talking about.  The problem was that with my clip it kept squeezing the blood out and making my little nick seem like a gusher.

Yesterday, I also had to say goodbye to "Smokey", one of three little kittens we found orphaned underneath the church building.  He was so cute.  He had light grey fur, with black ears and blue eyes. Although feral, when I held him he would snuggle in my hand and shake nervously and purr.   I kept wondering what it would be like for him never having been held before.  He would hiss when at a distance....naturally right?  Strange things are scary.  Then when he discovered that strange didn't automatically equate to bad he warmed up to me a bit.  I'm sure he smelled horrible.  I had to keep him in a cage for a couple days by the back door because the animal shelter was closed.  He must have pooped a bunch.  He also turned over the milk a couple times and got it all over himself.  It had to be nasty....but he was still cute....and because I couldn't smell him I still enjoyed holding him.

I wonder if that is how God sees us.  We stink much worse than Smokey.  My selfishness, lust, and pride undoubtedly produce a wretched stench yet God just pinches his nose and loves on me anyways.

I didn't keep Smokey, because I didn't want to take care of him...the time....expense.....inconvenience.  I gave a donation for someone else to adopt him not wanting the responsibility myself.  Man, I'm glad God doesn't do that.  I am so thankful that he loves me enough to personally take care of my needs.  To provide a safe environment, feed me, and pour out his affectionate love on me.  I keep spilling the milk and he keeps cleaning me up.  

My nose hurts.

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  1. Great post. I feel more guilty for not finding "smokey" a home.