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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4

The last 24 hours have been the hardest so far.  I slept till 8:30am making up for yesterdays early rise.  The hunger pains have been strong.  Especially when my roommate is making his wonderful smelling Ghanian soup.  I did good for the first 7 hours of my day.  Stayed productive and focused.  Since then I have been dragging.  I am grateful for many of you who have been checking on me.  Thanks for the texts and chatting with me online.  I have been going through some temperature swings.  Hot then cold.  Sweating then chilled.  Amazed I'm still going through some colon cleansing if you know what I mean.  lol.  On a good note my congestion has been clearing up.  1/10 of the way through. the fast,  9/10 seems a long way away.  Well I guess thats why we are told not to worry about tomorrow because today has enough to keep our attention.

I am starting to look forward to my prayer time with God.  Strange.  But it doesn't seem  quite the obligation it once felt like.  More of a privilege.

Weight in: 211lbs.  Must have had my jacket on those other times.

Be blessed today my friends.

Was given a very funny book yesterday by my friend Steven Rau.  Stuff Christians like.  Check it out if you like a little satire and sarcasm.


  1. hey danny, the one thing i notice now is that i can't hardly eat without thinking about you and saying a prayer...just so you know. :o)

    and stuff christians like is a blog, at dot net- it's funny too!

  2. Thanks Ann for the prayers. And I will have to check out that blog. You have anything I can be praying about?