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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8 - Enjoying today.

Last night I lay huddled on my bed in the fetal position cradling a can of chicken broth.  Oh you would taste so wonderful!  I love you chicken broth.  If I could just taste you everything would be just fine.!?

It would be easy to spend all our time thinking how nice things would be or could be in different circumstances.  The fleeting thoughts of wonderful possibilities is harmless and natural and fun.  But to dwell and fixate on them to the exclusion of the plethora of  things you likely have been blessed with presently is just stupid.  Yes, and I mean even heaven-in the future sense.  Heaven and the idea of heaven I believe to be realities as true and the nose on my face.  Beautiful and wonderful gifts of God.  And although this belief in heaven can be crucial to anchor us during times of  suffering and pain, and be that beacon of hope we all need, it is not intended to be the focus of everything we do here on this earth.

God's kingdom is  Heaven is a part of that kingdom.  If you think the terms are synonymous...fine.  That means Luke 17:20-21 says heaven is currently within us.  So be thankful and focus on what you have already been given. We are told to seek first his Kingdom (not just the future heaven part) and his righteousness.    We are told to fix our eyes on Jesus.  These gifts we have now.  Thinking constantly about what we don't have just brings discontent.

Maybe this is what Paul touches on in Philippians 4 when he says he has learned to be to be content whatever the circumstances, well fed or hungry, etc.....Notice he doesn't 'choose' to be content.  He 'learns' to be content.  Maybe this is one of those great lessons the spiritual disciplines can teach us.

Enjoy what you've been given today guys.  You won't ever have another day like it.

Even though that bowl of chicken soup would taste sooooooooo good.  Fly away little thought!   lol

  6:17pm - 203.5 lbs.

Felt better today.  No nap.  Normal nights sleep.  So thankful/proud that so many of the high schoolers have been deciding to join right in.  Heard a couple of them talk about a 2 day fast they just did and plans to do more.  Others are jumping in as well.  These guys encourage me so much!  What hearts.

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