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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Specifics pt. 2

Fast # 6 - Smelling.  I know this may sound kind of kooky but I feel as "taken for granted blessings" go, this one has to be right at the top.  It also makes me think a lot about the beautiful language in our Bible comparing our faith in terms of scents e.g. "for we are to God the aroma of Christ...".  I have purchased some swimmer's nose clips and have partially prepared myself for looking goofy for a while.  I would appreciate any creative suggestions how I can answer people who ask me about it though. ...

I feel the most practiced for this one due to this pesky cold I've had for the last few days.

Fast # 7 - Hearing.  This one is going to be difficult to pull off absolutely because noise canceling head phones can only take you so far.  To appreciate the subtle sounds and the delicate whispers is really what this will be about.  I love the passage in 1 Kings 19 in which God is described as speaking to Elijah in the gentle breeze.  How many of these whispers of God do we miss and fail to appreciate?  I think too many.   I want to not just hope to hear God.  I want to learn to listen for everything.

Fast # 8 - Walking.  I have wondered what it would be like to be in a wheelchair.   Not to be able to walk around, or jump, or run, or stand.   I'm kind of used to looking down on people and I wonder if looking up to them physically might affect how I see them spiritually as well.  Doesn't Paul say the natural comes first and then the spiritual?  I like my legs but I can't really say I love them.  I mean they are all right but I want to see them for the wonderful gifts of God they are!!!  lol

My only worry is how vain I may become when I undoubtedly become so upper body buff.

Fast # 9 - I don't know if I want to share what I'm thinking on this one yet.  I've caught a little static from a couple folks I shared it with.  I'd rather hold off the resistance as long as possible.  I will tell you ...its a pretty good one.  lol.  So lets let this one be a surprise and besides....maybe someone comes up with another great idea to ......insert here.

Again, thank you guys for your love and support.  I am hoping to couple all this with a heavy dose of prayer.  Please let me know if there is anything I can pray about ...for you.

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