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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 14 - Media

What to do when normal avenues of entertainment are sparse?

1. Read books.  I am currently reading Anne of Green Gables.  Don't make fun. Its a cute story.
2. Read Magazines. Voice of the Martyrs, Popular Science, Discover, Mental Floss.  Nice diversions
3. Memorize the names of my plants (not give them names....that would be weird).  Currently I have Pilea or "Moon valley", and Fittonia or "Pink Star" dpwn.

Moon Valley

Pink Star

4. Write on my blog about things that nobody else cares about but me.
5. Pester my friends about what is going on in the world and sports.  (Did Columbo die?
6. Finish the obscure little projects around the house that I've been putting off. (Wash clothes, take out trash)
7. Flossing.
8. Remember funny things my roommates say......After Emmanuel came in late one night from the lab.......Zach asked him if he has been out with his girlfriend.  Emmanuel said he had just been at the lab.  Zach then made some comment about being married to his work to which Emmanuel replied, "If the lab is supposed to be my wife......she sucks."  (You had to be there)
9. Sit on my front porch, Tiki Torches lit, watching cars go bye.
10.  Make soup from random veggies in the garden ....the key is not measuring anything and periodically tasting.....delish.

This list kind of stinks.  Am I that boring?  After all, I did enjoy most of this.  I'm going to have to use my imagination and find some more creative outlets....maybe sitting on my front porch wearing a motorcycle helmet holding a fake shotgun...that could be fun.

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