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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 1 - Hearing

Last night I had bad dreams.  See before I went to bed I put in my ear plugs.  This will be my modus operandi at night and during the day I will add my noise cancelling earphones that I purchased for mowing out in the yard.   Together they make quite the shield.  Of course I can still hear but all the subtle sounds have disappeared.  The clicking of keys on my keyboard.  The swooshing of the fan next to my bed.  The popping of my joints as I stretch this morning.....We did a test run last night and I could hear Zach when he talked to me long as he spoke up.  Eh?  What's that?  I feel like an honorary old person already.

Well anyways....I had dreams based around being kidnapped and no one being able to hear me.  My brother, and I, and another brother we never had were taken hostage by these men we were renting an apartment from.  I know..... weird.   I escaped and couldn't find anyone to one would listen.  (In an unrelated dream I got to play as an amateur in the first round of the Master's golf tournament).   The point is ....we all like to be heard right?  We are comforted when someone genuinely gives us their attention and listens.   We have a God who is always ready to listen to every concern of our heart and how infrequently do we "cast all our anxieties on Him."?

The other interesting thing I am already noticing this morning is how my vocals are amplified.  I imagine this doesn't occur with the truly deaf but every word, hum, wheeze, or clearing of my throat is magnified dramatically in my hearing.  Maybe its just I don't have any other inputs registering, so my ears hone in on the inputs it can hear?....I don't know.

I wonder if I'm going to start talking louder?
as I shout at the librarian..."HAS THE BOOK I PUT ON HOLD COME IN YET!?"

Regarding sensitivity.....I didn't think this would happen with the blindfold experiment.....being reliant on hearing.....but now that my hearing has been impaired......I think I will develop super hearing.  I have this feeling that maybe our senses need a rest much like our bodies.....enabling them to work more efficiently.

Finally, regarding thanksgiving and gratitude.  I am grateful this morning to have some peace and quiet.  I'm sure in a couple days.....or likely in a couple hours I will be longing to hear the birds chirping and the crickets singing......but right now I am going to be thankful for the silence.  I am going to behave as if I have been given an imperative from the Lord when he spoke to the people of Israel on Mt. Ebal in Deuteronomy 27:9.  "Be silent, Danny, and listen!  You have now become a man of the Lord your God."  .... I hope so.  

My brother said he couldn't comment on the blog so if you have had the same difficulty...I apologize.  


  1. I think the other brother was Russ Davis. Danny you are crazy. I could not fast from hearing a day, because you know I like to hear myself talk. No, on a serious note, I think people have a hard time with convictions. I am convicted in believing in that Jesus is the son of God, but am I convicted enough to give up all my wordly possessions and follow him. I strive everyday to be a better christian. Since I became a father, I know that I have to be an example for him. Keep up the work!! I wish I could see you and your brother someday. I really miss the times we had on Luree Lane. I witness the year 2000 in that basement.
    In Christian love,
    Nathan Kizer

  2. lol. :) He just may have been the other brother. Enjoyed those times too bro.....Good memories. You keep being a great daddy because that is way more difficult and important than any of these things I'm goofing off with. Peace big boy and we will get together and catch up again one of these days....hopefully sooner than later.