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Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 21

Last night I made the switch from water to juices.  I celebrated by having a little broth which immediately nauseated me.  I think there may be a difference between actual soup broth and cooking broth.  It tasted wonderful for about two spoonfuls and then I knew I was in trouble.  The mouth experience was heavenly the stomach experience...demonic.

Having juices today has been wonderful.  Oh to experience some taste.  How wonderful it is.  This morning when I got a glass of apple juice it was so sweet I could only take the tiniest sips.  It was grand.  I couldn't even finish 3/4 of a glass.  I just wasn't ready for that much sweetness.

I am so thankful for all that the Lord has given me.  I love talking to him.  I love knowing he hears.  Any day when you experience God's love and presence is a good day.

I had one of those great joys in ministry last night about the time I started sipping on my juice.  Two of our teens called at 10 or 11.  One of them wanted to share how much he felt the goodness and presence of the Lord.  Thats what he wanted to tell me!!!!  How AWESOME is that!   God is good.

1:00pm 188.5lbs.  Don't worry mom, I'm sure my weight loss will slow down a little now that I'm on the juices.  If not I can be my own halloween costume pretty soon.  I spent much of my 6'5' life at 175lbs so this is no biggie.  30lbs is a lot less baggage to be carrying around though.  I want to go see how easily I can dunk a basketball now if at all.  lol.

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