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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Frugality Day 7

As of yet no food purchases or gas ups.  Learned to cook rice.  Never done it before.......I know .....rice right?  You going to learn how to do toast tomorrow Danny?  ha.......ha.......ha........ But I figured I should give one of the world's cheapest foods a shot.   It turned out pretty well I must say, especially when I dumped the .90 cent can of Hormel tamales on top of it.

I rode in with my roommate to church this morning and hopefully will score a ride home this evening.  I had to drive a little yesterday (Needed to pick up one of the teens to work at the soup kitchen).   I met some cool folks there.  Bonnye, with her short term memory disorder told me all about her life, how she used to do drugs, and was disabled in a severe car accident a few years ago.  She was a trip.  Fiesty.  We did a little verbal sparring  and then it was time to serve.  I wonder if she has forgotten me.

No big temptations to buy anything on the internet so far....but the spam is there... the spam of life.  I saw a house for sale on the way into church.  I love my house and my yard and am generally very content....yet I wanted to find out how much that house cost....and then started looking around to see if any other houses were on sale.....even though I have no intention of buying one.  Spam of life.  I get sidetracked like this often. My friend showed me their new phone.  Now I want one.  It does so many cool things I didn't know I needed.  Now I'm thinking about it....planning to get it...... Spam of life.

I realized  a couple things last night when I was listening to my cds....  1. I like Nickel Creek, 2. I like John Foreman 3. All things being equal I prefer female singers..... I'm not sure why this is.  Maybe I just like girls singing to me.  Maybe it appeals to my oppressed feminine side. Maybe I perceive a perspective I can't fully understand and thus am drawn to the mysterious unknown.   4. I like ambiguous lyrics - Lets me hear what I want to hear.

A funny trick to play on people riding in your car is to have random business cards out for people to see.  If you are a girl you can have one to the pregnancy clinic and if anyone asks you about it you can say something like....yeah I got that last Tuesday or something else deliberately deceptive...then you have to awkwardly change the subject.  For guys, the business card should somewhere mention something about "warlocks" and "dungeon masters".  If anyone asks you about it you have to angrily shout that you can't talk about it until dark and then make a figure eight in the air with your finger, dot the invisible o's and cross your heart.

Sorry no real insights about savings/stewardship etc. today.  It hasn't been hard so far and I love saving anyways.  I think it will get hard when I have to start breaking into old cans of pinto beans.

Later kiddos.

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