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Saturday, March 5, 2011

day 23

Well today was quite interesting.  Has anyone ever seen a blindfolded man officiate a wedding?  Well some folks did today.  I have to say it really wasn't that hard....the officiating and blindfolded part.  It was a little difficult not knowing the bride and groom that well.  And they were already married and I kept thinking is this a big  But pretend is good for ceremony sake I guess.  I hope everything was beautiful.  II did the best I could but don't feel the regret I might if I felt like I didn't do as well as I could.....they knew what they were getting mean the wedding is all about them anyways, not about me.
If you are like me you have an incredible capacity to take even the most "selfless" moments and turn them into "me" moments.  Why do we do that?  I don't know but I don't like it.  I am not saying that we all don't occasionally have those selfless moments of pure virtue and humility......its just we don't ever have two of those moments in a row.  lol.

Miko and Diana, I don't think you will ever read this....but I will be praying for your marriage.  You both seem very sweet.  I hope God gives you more than you could ever hope for or imagine.

Ok, number four difficulty while blindfolded is losing things.  I am abentminded as it is.  Can you imagine how frustrating it might be when you know you just laid your walking sitck down and it is no where to be seen?  Evertyime I can't find my phone or cds or XM radio remote control I just know someone has snuck into my room and hidden it from me as a joke.  Even if you are not absentminded and used to it don't you hate it when you lose something.?  Why do we lose things?  For me its becasues they are not imporant enough to to check and recheck in my mind where they are.  The best man in a wedding ought to be checking and rechecking every couple minutes to make sure that ring is exactly where he put his pocket.  See that ring is valuable and important.  It signifies the value and importance of marriage.
The ring only symbolizes the promise.  I get sick thinking about how much more carelessly I sling around the "actual" promises and gifts God has given me.  I come home...want to a movie...and throw my commitment to Philippians 4:8 out the window.  Its late at night....we are surfing the web......have you ever lost your keys to the kingdom.?  I guess what I am saying is we lose "sight" of our ideals and goals just about as readily I I lose my wallet and phone and keys.  When we are told to fix our eyes on Jesus this is not meant to be a 40 hour work week commitment....It a 24/6 one.  I don't want to lose sight of whats important.  right now anyways...........if we are to keep our eyes focussed where they need to be continually we are simply going to have to be more disciplined.  No Tricks.  No easy wide paths.  Discipline is a narrow one.  Its tough to do right in most things in life.  If we can start doing what we can in all the little aspects of life maybe it will bleed over the the times of big decisions that we know will inevitably come.

This blog will not be proofread since all the wedding party and families are downstairs partying down.  Forgive me this little peek through the tiny crease at my nose to push the publish post button.  Have a good day!

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