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Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 22

Oh what  a day.  First, I want to thank Shaun for the great amount of entertainment she provided today.  Not only did she tote me around, go to lunch, and get some groceries......she kept me laughing with the missed turns, and deft trailer maneuvering, and incapacitating my truck in those poor people's  No damage done...just good times. I did have to take my blindfold off for a few minutes while with the help of the nice gentleman who stopped to help us, we got the truck unstuck.  I think there is an inverse proportion some of us have between conversation and efficient driving.......I'm not throwing stones or teasing.....there was a time when I started talking about basketball that I lost all concept of time and space.

By the way, thanks, Alice, for your sweet words.

One thing I have yet to mention that is extremely difficult to do while blind....well do with dignity.....yet is necessary to life is eating.......There is a passage in 2 Samuel 6:21-22 that describes David dancing before the ark of the Lord.  His wife gets mad and calls him out (maybe it was more his attire than his dance moves).  Anyways, David says I will become even more undignified than this.    That got me thinking...........for the first time in a
David didn't care what he looked like.   All that was important was his heart of celebration to the Lord.   When I am eating I take big bites.  Not necessarily because of a great amount of good.....but because I don't know how much is on the fork....if anything.  My mouth opens wide for every bite....which is probably silly looking.....but I'm hungry!  Even with this extra precaution I still get lots of stuff on my face....But I don't care that much...  It was an accident and I can't see it anyways....
I love how babies don't care how much they get on their faces.  They are concerned about getting things in their mouths.....The dignity and vanity of things is not part of the equation......
I just thought how much this dignified way of eating has bled into my spiritual walk.  Am I more concerned with how proper and learned and sophisticated I appear in my Bible studies?  Or is all that matters what I consume?  I think many of us put on these spiritual airs.  We aren't concerned with how spiritual we are and how close to the heart of God we are but how much we "appear" to be these things.
I want like David to be more undignified than this.  I want to laugh not redden in shame when I get some apologetics all over my face.  I want to enjoy the eating experience and appreciate the sustenance it provides. I want to open my mouth wide......sometimes I go to church and there is nothing on the fork, but sometimes  I have as much as I can stuff in my mouth.  I don't have as much control as I would like to think but all I can do is keep shoveling away.
Guys, I know there are manners and propriety that should be observed.........but does that really apply to the starving.  I am not going to think twice if the famished man gets spaghetti sauce all over his face and doesn't even consider which fork he should be using......GHAST!  These "manners" we make seem to be more for the well fed and satisfied.  Those who have "enough".    But spiritually speaking would you put yourself in that category?   I mean are you a starving hungry child or a fulfilled and "stuffed" Christian who can't have had enough on Sunday morning to carry us on for a few days.   I don't know about you but I want to always be hungry (for righteousness).  I know I will be filled...  I want to crave, and covet and long and yearn for every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.......I want to be the hungry man.....and if that makes me undignified.....then so be it.

Peace out all you homeys....have a great weekend.  I will be preparing to officiate my first blind

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