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Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 25

Yesterday I unintentionally made everyone giggle during the sermon.  I had actually thought about doing this on purpose but yesterday was an accident.  As I preached I was sitting on a stool.  I would go back and forth making my points but like a broken typewriterer I would get a little more off center each pivot until I was preaching toward the back door.  Some folks started laughing and I realized what I was doing.  Of course I played it off smoothly.  With a dramatic rotation I turn to the right half of the auditorium who obviously thought that everything I had been saying didn't apply to them and with a flourish said aldfjfaldff .............did I just mess up?  trust me ....what I said was far as you
The out of whack typewriter has a lot to do with my fifth difficulty being without sight.  This fifth difficulty is very akin to temptation in my.  See, I have this blindfold on all the time.  But this blindfold is not perfect in its utility.  I can see a little immediately below the blindfold as I look down.  Even thuogh my vision is almost entirely obstructed almost is still not entirely.  Since it is not an absolute obstruction I have a strong desire to cheat.  I often want to look down to see where I am going to see what I am reaching for.  Sometimes I just lift up my blinders for just a second.  Why?  Because its easy and I am frustrated.  Sin and temptation are much the same way.  Temptation tells us that the sin isn't that bad.  Most of what you are doing is right and good.  A little peek here and there won't make a difference .  The problem is before I know it I am walking around with my head up in the air focusing on this one little 4%  little sliver of vision.  Sin does about the same thing.  We may be doing the 86% of righteous things but its the small minority of sin in our life that we are actually allowing to control us.  Thats why we are told to run and flee and do whatever it takes to protect ourselves from "peeking" I could use duct tape or put on a veil over the blindfold to make it harder to peek but at some point we do just have to resist....just like we do with sin.  I am glad God's spirit can fill me to the extent to be able to resist and provide those ways out.  I feel quite sure if I didn't have a little accountability in this endeavor from all of you I likely would have quit long ago.  I guess thats just another reason why God gave us each other.  To help us do the things we know we ought to do but may not have the will to do on our own......well   ......................I know I'm rambling now.....Peace guys.  I thank my God everytime I remember you.  In all my prayers for all of you I always pray with joy.

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