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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 31 - Better Questions

When you know how immensely you've been blessed, worries, cares, and insecurities are minimized and diminished.  They are not eliminated, but definitely put in perspective.

I have a beautiful nephew.....even when he passes gas.  A mother who loves me now and always....unconditionally.  A step-father who is about as good man has ever walked the earth.  A brother who is my best friend.  A sister in law brilliant and kind.  I got to see them and spend time with them today.  One of the most gorgeous days I have ever seen.

I have a grandmother who would do anything for me.  I have family and friends near and far whom I could contact at a moments notice to help me with any sort of crisis I might face.

It was an amazing day with everything right in the world.....for this moment.  Don't you love those times?   Its not always this way.  Sometimes we aren't so euphoric.  Sometimes we are tired, lonely, and upset.

A couple days ago one of my favorite people in the whole world called me to ask my opinion of some deep political/spiritual questions.  I didn't have good answers.  I was very tentative and unsure of the ones I did.   I like to have at least adequate responses when people bring me these deep queries.  I am deeply disturbed when I don't......especially when these questions are ones that should be in my "ministerial" wheelhouse.  My buddy asked me to think about them.....which I have.   (may talk about some of that another time)  However, what I realized today is how much more important some questions are than others.

Who do you love?  Who loves you?   These are the questions most basic and simple in nature yet most extensive and far reaching in importance.   Hypothetical Global Thermonulear War Game scenarios prying into our most core beliefs, morals and convictions are not unimportant.   In my opinion though, they are secondary.  "What ifs" are infinite and can endlessly be reasoned in all the abstractions our imaginative minds can dream.  Jesus' called us to provide food, water, clothing, shelter, care, and comfort for those in need is much more substantive.  This command is concrete.  I can touch it.  I can see it and in a real sense understand it.  

There was a time I would have beat myself up for not having explored every conceivable answer to the questions theologians, historians, and philosophers have debated for centuries.  Now..... I enjoy the exercise but don't feel that burden of responsibility.    Why?  Because I am content and confident that those simple questions of love are the most important ones.

George Thorogood:  Who do you love?
Me:  God, my family, my friends, (and working on doing better loving my enemies)
Question:  Who loves you?
Answer: God

P.S. In answer to one of those deep questions.......I don't worry about anyone taking anything from me or being unjustly robbed because all I have is not mine anyways.  Its God's.  I will strive to be as conscientious a steward of his things as I can.  

Hope you are all enjoying this day.  Take a good look around.

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