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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 33--Backwards Through the Binoculars

Tip.  Even when you know it is there........its never a good idea to walk into the open dishwasher.  Even if you know its open and even if you are walking real slow.....your shin and sharp plastic edges don't mix.  Pain!!!!

Observation:  I was thinking about zombies today.  I am trying to perfect ways to walk around my house without my cane.  I have found outstretched arms....bent slightly down is the best for meeting unexpected counter tops and tables.  Plenty of give.  I laughed at myself because I imagined what I looked like.  A zombie.  Maybe the walking undead move so slow and awkwardly because they cant see well.

Last thought.....and this is important because it affects my ....I know ....weenie pastime of birdwatching.....(apologies to you out there under the age of 40 who think its cool).  good birdwatching requiters having binoculars but have you ever looked back through the wrong end of the binoculars? I started thinking about this when listening to two people debate a certain issue.  One person was describing the coin and being very insistent on how it looked like the head of a man....It was clear.  He went into great detail about what the bust looked like and was exasperated that the other person couldn't see it.  The woman he was arguing with was saying, "no, the coin is obviously the picture of a government building of some sort.  There is an official inscription circling the building and it is even dated.  :  It was most definitely not a man's head.
Silliness right?
I think we do this all the time intentionally and unintentionally.
When you looked through my binoculars which are a 20x50 magnification you can see objects far away brought into clear magnification.  Sometimes it appears as if they are a few feet away.  With birds I can see the beak, plumage, and size.  Lots of detail.  If you turn them around and look though, everything is moved far away.  Believe it our not you actually have a wider range of vision its just so small you can't make out any details.  Why is this important?  I don't know........................................... lol.
Spiritually, I think many of us look backward through the binoculars.  We do this for a couple reasons.  One is we keep stepping back and trying to see things from God's perspective.  Second, we being in this fallen world often see things we don't want to see.  Horrible things.  Hurtful things.  Sometimes we can't take it and decide to try and see things from another perspective.  So we turn the binoculars around.   See .....this shields us and insulates us from the pain, confusion and loneliness.  I understand why we do this but I think this is tragic.  When we look backwards through the binoculars we may get a broader perspective but it doesn't mean you can discern true meanings any more effectively.  You also miss out on the beauty and wondrous details that is seen when those intricacies are amplified.  You miss the idiosyncrasies in your friends personalities, the quirkiness of those you love.  You miss the inside jokes and the time you got left by your cruise ship and had you ride the greyhound to meet it at its next port.  You miss late nights dirty diapers, birthmarks, cuts and bruise.  You miss all the things good and bad that you can laugh about later.  Its tragic to spend too much time looking backwards through the binoculars because I don't think its the way God intended us to live.  We need to embrace all the little wonderful details of life.  The little girls in your office who are repeating everything you say/type.  God has given us a wonderful smorgasboard of life to experience.
Hope you are all having a great day. Danny and assistant Teodora Dull.

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  1. I personally think this is great advice/info.when I grow up I want to be just like his wonderful, awesome and thoughtful self1! Teodora 12 years old.