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Monday, February 14, 2011

Day Four

Well I'm typing blind.  This ought to be interesting.  I have not been doing any blogging lately for obvious reasons.  I will have someone do some spell checking unless this is too unintelligible.  Did you know there were indentions on the f and j keys on the keyboard?

Well its been interesting not seeing things.  I can't say I have developed super sense perception or an uncanny ability to identify people when they walk into the room.  However, I am getting more comfortable stumbling around in the dark.  I don't want anyone to worry about a complete plunge into utter darkness.  I do get a little light around my nose giving me about a 4% range of vision  I have also gotten frustrated and peaked a couple times.  At night when everything is pitch black I take off my mask and just enjoying the minimal amount of light in the room--like the charging light on my cell phone, the light on my alarm and space heater. But for the most part I still can't see hardly anything in the room. But it's better than not seeing anything at all. I've yet to stub my toe, or have any major injury so far. My biggest worry is still to mistake Icy-Hot for toothpaste.  I have only had one or two major mishaps.  On the first day I accidentally used the wrong facilities.  Wrong being the trashcan that was sitting on the toilet.  I don't remember putting it there but I have been making sure the toilet is primed since then.

I keep thinking of that passage.  "seeing though never perceiving, Hearing though never understanding".  I know there are some things I have been blind to in my life.  I just need to take some quiet time and think about some of these things.

One of the great opportunities I've had is to work on my listening skills.  I am hoping to listen to the whole Bible in the the course of this 40 day run.  This works out to about 2 disks a day and 30 to 40 chapters.  I have also been listening to some other books on cd.  A Fannie Flag book about a cardinal and Christmas.  Very cute.  And a cd on Christian history.  Although it takes me much  more time to do even the most basic tasks, time does move rather quickly.  I have my phone set to go off at certain hours of the day to give me some scale of what time it is.  But like I said ......things move right along.  I have appreciated so much the help I have received and am definitely feeling my dependence on my friends.

My studies for church consist of listening to selected passages over and over and over again.  Some ways this is much more difficult although with a lack of reliance upon my notes I am able to internalize the material more effectively

Temptations are still tough.  Being more alone with my thoughts now more than normal makes it extremely difficult to keep my thoughts from wandering.  Hopefully I can be more and more disciplined as this time proceeds.

Well I am not going to bore you guys.  I will probably blog much less frequently during the next few weeks.  I hope you are all doing well.  Love you all and please call anytime.  I love getting phone calls.  lol.  Although I may not be able to call you back.

Weight: 193.5 lbs

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