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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 39

One more day.  One more day.  One more day.

lol, I am not obsessing.  I am, however, becoming quite excited.   Introducing milk and broth in my system has reinforced the idea that I need to go slow.  After fasting for so long, new drinks have almost day long residual effects.  I could still taste the echo of milk and broth in my mouth until I went to bed last night.  I am still drinking water and juices.  

So.....tomorrow I think I am going to start with some combination of celery and carrot sticks, crackers, and maybe.........some soup.  We will see.  The possibilities are endless.

My good friend and adopted sister (we adopted each other) here in SC just texted me about the conversation she had with her son about fasting.  Ben, 13, said he knew why it drew you closer to God, because you had to keep praying that you wouldn't die!  lol.   Now........That isn't exactly why I feel closer God.  At least not in the way he meant it.....but symbolically its true.  We have been given a way to realize how dead, and lost, and hopeless we are without Him.  Until we realize these things...we can't fully comprehend the significance of the need we have of life in Him.

Only by his grace (getting what you don't deserve) and mercy (not getting what you do deserve) am I able to faithfully serve Him in a way that brings me joy and Him glory.  Its not an easy way.  Yet its a satisfying way.  There are so few things in this world that can adequately quench our thirst.  He is the only one who can bring true contentment to our souls.  No salves, distractions, or anesthesia needed.  Actual peace from a genuine relationship and  real trust in the one true God of the Universe.

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