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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 5

Two days in a row ! how bout that?  I have been hanging with Matt some the last two days.  Its interesting seeing .....well hearing people's reactions to a blind man.  Some ask what happened?  Some treat you just like they would anyone else.  Some seem to be a little reserved and intimidated.  Of course, unless you know how these people normally act its hard to know if they individually are acting differently.  Most everyone is super nice and much more likely  to start a far.  I get  the feeling some people who ask think it's silly that I'm doing an "experiment" but  it could just be my imagination.  Of course, I haven't been out and about all that much yet so I will keep listening and observing.
On thing I have definitely noticed about myself is a strong desire to converse.  I seem to be able to jabber on about just about anything when I get the chance.  I don't know if I am simply craving these conversations more, I am more bored and trying to fill the time, or I have more time to actually think and share the great depth and magnitude of my insights with everyone I meet.  lol.  I don't know.....I just know I have enjoyed talking.  The church may start to look forward to the day I get this blindfold off if I wax on too poetic........
I am so thankful for the folks I get to spend time with.  I have definitely taken many of my good friends for granted too often.  Do you ever feel like you are always planning the next activity or project without stopping to enjoy the one you are on?  It is nice to just be quiet and be still .  And I don't mean occasionally......regularly......I can see the most vivid pictures forming in my mind.  It's almost as if these images are really in my field of vision.  I almost forget that I am not looking at something.  The appreciation I have for my eyesight grows everyday even as I learn to adjust more effectively without it.  I am going to ask everyone at church in a couple of weeks....I know we are the church......I am going to ask everyone at "services" in a couple weeks if they want a million dollars.  Then I thought I would ask them if they would trade both eyes for a million dollars.....Interesting question heh?....Would you trade your two hands? Your two feet?  two ears?....we could keep going down the list......There are tons of things I would never trade for a million dollars.....doesn't that in effect make us multimillionaires?.....I mean....really....we get upset because we may want/need a couple thousand here or there for some widget or useless plastic item or maybe even something relatively important.....however....we would almost all acknowledge that we all already have what we self acknowledge is worth millions to us.  It's like the Rich man crying to the poor orphan sitting next to them that they are so upset because the blackberry they ordered didn't arrive on time.....kind of silly when we put it in that perspective eh?  But we manage to do that all the time with our two eyes, two hands, two feet, two ears, seeing and hearing, and doing and going all over the place experiencing all sorts of things that most  people in this world could only dream of.  We all have so much to be thankful for.  Thank you Matt, Zac, Rachel, Kim, Savannah, Lauren, Brianna, Emmanuel and everyone else that has already helped me the last few days.  five days down....almost....thirty five to go.....!

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