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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 40

This was my day.....

OHhhhhhhh celery sticks with ranch dressing........if you were a music masterpiece you would be Bach's mass in B minor.
Sweet sweet carrot stick with ranch dressing.......where have you been all my life.  As Badfinger would say I can't live if living is without you.
Hello Mr. Saltine cracker I believe we have an appointment today.

Progreso Minestrone soup.....your spices explode in my mouth, a flavor kaleidoscope of culinary perfection
House Salad....with tomatoes, bacon bits, croutons, honey mustard dressing..... you almost made me cry.
And loaded potato soup.....what can I say about are my inspiration.

Seriously was a really good day.  I enjoyed eating again.  Didn't eat tons but ate well.  no indigestion, no upset stomach.  I am so thankful for the last 40 days and the lessons I've learned.  Prayer is a beautiful thing....and so is God's gift of fasting.  I hope you all give it a try sometime.  I plan on trying to make it a weekly part of my life once I finish this next 40 days.

Father, please help me stay close to you in prayer.
Help change my heart, transform my will,
Humble my pride, crush my addictions, bad habits, and evil desires
Help me see you new everyday,  who you are,
What you do now,  what you have done, and promise to do.
Encourage me, strengthen me, and help me experience your love anew.

Your love reaches to the heavens
Your faithfulness to the skies
Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains
Your justice like the great deep.
Psalm 36:5-6

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