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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 17 - Media

I was reading this article on Pete Townshend of "The Who" yesterday.  Evidently he was heavily influenced by this Indian mystic named Meher Baba who'd taken a 40-year vow of silence to better hear the word of God.  He had a lot of ideas about heightened awareness through sensory deprivation.  I haven't read this guy's work but it makes a lot of sense when a vacuum is created there is pressure to fill it.  I'm trying to figure out how mine is being filled.  More reflective - check.  More time - check.  Heightened awareness?.....ummm......kind of.  I notice my neighbors more now.  Its kind of hard not to when you sit out on your front porch and watch them walk/drive bye.  I talk to my roomates more.....last night we talked about the difference between knowing and believing God exists.

Still even though I miss the diversions, I enjoy the be still and know that he is God time too.

I wonder if Jesus had come to earth during the "Technological Revolution" what his ministry techniques would have been?  Would he have spend a lot of time skyping his friends?  Would he have played some Wii bowling with his disciples?  They had games back then but he doesn't really ever say anything good or bad about them.

A family just walked by .....well two older men and three children.  I heard one of them mutter after we waved at each other......"Now that's how ya liv rite theya.  Sittin on your front porch barefoot wit da torches."  Well don't I just have it all figured out.  A lot of folks around here walk around the neighborhood, calling out to each other, with a sense of familiarity....and how few of them do I know.  Maybe that can be my new ministry.  Sit on my porch, preparing lessons and just hollar out at folks every once in a while...its not too bad really if I can keep these dang mosquitoes off of me.

I miss the music ....but have heard the train whistle every night for the last week.  I miss movies....but .....that dude looks way awkward on that moped.  I bet his license got suspended because he can't be riding that for fun...

What are you doing young sir......walking around so late?  Has anyone else noticed that baggy pants are not as popular?  Its a lot harder picking out the juvenile delinquents now.  Dude!!!!! don't you know its illegal to ride your bike on the sidewalk?  Man.  lol.

Well, Emmanuel just came out and said this is what every summer day was like in Africa.  Sitting, watching people go bye.  Lanterns, no electricity.  Its wild to think about no electricity.  Its fun camping without it but I don't know how I'd like it long term.

Well I'm getting kind of sleepy.  No profound revelations today....but it was a good day.  If anyone is reading this take care.

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