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Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 20 - Media

I don't know if any of you are gardeners or not.  I like to think I am.  There are just three things you need to have a good one.  1. Sun 2. Good soil 3. Water.  I decided last year I was going to make sure I didn't chince out on #3.  So I watered and watered.  And then it rained and rained.  For many of my plants this was a good thing.  There were a few I think it might have hurt.  Some peppers get this thing called dry root rot.  It develops when the ground stays too moist for too long (No I don't know why its not called wet root rot).  A lot of people do this with their house plants when they keep the ground too moist.  Too much water is not good for the plant.  Is that possible?

Now I'm no botanist but I gonna take a stab at why.  I think its very similar to our lives.  The reason its good for the soil to dry is because it encourages the roots to stretch out and grow.  They develop... finding sources of moisture and minerals they would never have access to without an extensive root system.  When there's too much moisture, their growth is stunted.  They often rot.

I was thinking about all the mediums I use to internalize information in a given week.  Radio, internet, movies, conversations, books.  I'm always listening, seeing, being fed.  Well the last couple weeks a lot of that has been severed.  I've spent many more quiet moments thinking, wondering and just letting my mind rest.  and.......I like it.  I'm wondering if my life has been too saturated with information.  24/7 access is fine.  24/7 consumption is tragic.  Maybe our lives/minds needs a little time for the soil to dry out.  Maybe we need a little more time to think for ourselves.  Maybe that is part of the blessing of disciplines like silence, prayer, and meditation.  Maybe it facilitates this process.

I feel like way too many of us Christians are too much of the world.  Its like an inoculation you take to keep from getting the flu.  We have to have a little bit of the virus to develop our immune system.  We have to be in the world to some extent.  But why would anyone take 5 or 6 flu shots and think there won't be any substantive risks involved?  This time spent backing off of media is great.  I'm thankful for all these wonderful mediums we've been blessed with.  Yet, I'm even more thankful to know I don't need any of them for peace and contentment.  I'm glad I have a God who is sufficient.  I'm glad I have a God who is enough.

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