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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Smell Fast - Day 34

Coming down the home stretch.  My nose finally has gotten to the point where it isn't sore all the time.  Just 34 days to toughen me up.  lol.  I need to remember that for future reference.  Six days left!  Craziness.

I've been a little worried about my sandals.  When it gets hot outside and I start wearing them a lot, my feet get sweaty and my sandals get smelly.  I don't normally have stinky feet but these  Its pretty bad.  I take the Lysol and soak em down real well.  Its the only thing that makes em bearable.  Now that I can't smell I could be putting everyone around me in a world of hurt and not even know it.  I wonder how much my bad decisions are like this.  Do I cause everyone around me tons of discomfort with my sin?  Do I even realize what I do?

I was talking with my friend from church today who lost her sense of smell when she was little.  Her folks realized she couldn't smell anything when she was playing with her baby brother.  He had a dirty diaper, wreaked and she was oblivious.  Is ignorance bliss?  I guess it could be in some circumstances...but who wants to be playing around fecal matter whether you can smell it or not......not me!

See, all the lysol or febreeze in the world doesn't take away the bad smell.  It just covers it up.  Lots of us have an incredible ability to perfume up without cleaning up, don't we?  You ever know anyone like this?  Externally, everything is fine.  Internally they stink to high heaven?  That's what's so great about our Lord.  He cleanses us from the inside out.  I've heard that English kings and Queens rarely bathed.  Instead they often preferred to lather up with layer upon layer of cologne.  Can you imagine the grime?  Why would we want to do this spriritually?  Taking the easy way out.  Its like using mouthwash all the time without brushing your teeth.  If I'm going to get cleaned up I want it done right.  It may require a little scrubbing and elbow grease but the end result...the cleansing is sublime.

Well, hope everyone is doing all right.  Try to stay out of mischief.  Watching the outsiders and can't keep my mind on what I'm doing.

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