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Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 9 - Media - an interesting phenomenon

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon developing as I tell people about my fasts......people like to take exception with my exceptions.  Blogging for instance.  "Isn't that media?" Or reading....."That's media too!"  Why  do people feel the need to critique something that is solely based on what I've identified as my weaknesses and needs.  The crack addict says to the alcoholic, "I don't see how giving up alcohol is going to help you unless you quit smoking too."  ummm......wellll........ I don't really know how to answer those folks.

Sometimes I suspect it's the "bring everyone down to my level mentality".  Instead of just seeing the virtue in any given action we fixate on the negative.  I do it too.  Not trying to throw stones.  We all often question motives and methods a little excessively.

With the lack of media I'm trying to redirect streams of thought.  I am hoping energy, time, and creativity that have long wandered into deep and  unproductive channels might burst forth into new more productive outlets. More time with friends and family.  More time reading and pondering the worthwhile.  I suspect, though it may not be easy through the change, the view from the other side will be grand.

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