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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 11 - Media

It been enjoyable hearing information through my friends.  Instead of "going to the source", I get to hear what those I care about choose to share with me.  I am always anxious to hear and listen.   Zach told me about some ethanol subsidies debate last night that he found interesting.  I would never have researched that on my own.  This led into a discussion of OPEC and various trivia questions.  You know how many members there are in OPEC?   You know what non OPEC country produces about as much oil as Saudi Arabia every year?  Anyways, its hard not having that instantaneous access but I am enjoying the filtered information and discussion time.

You think it would have been similar for the Israelites back in the day?  Its not like prophets came along every other least not true prophets.   And when these prophets showed up it would be unlikely you would have heard them first hand.  Third and fourth hand....probably.  You definitely didn't have the same instant access you do today.  Can you imagine going to Elijah and saying, "Prophecy something for me, big boy."?  I don't think so.  I wouldn't want to get too bossy with someone who called fire out of heaven on his enemies.  Maybe its not always good to have instantaneous access to information.  Maybe the delay causes us to relish the knowledge a little more thoroughly.  Its the difference between a sit down dining experience and a fast food restaurant's "ease the hunger" function.

Regardless, I am still thankful for all the media I have taken for granted.  Its so nice turning on the radio when you are driving.  I miss flipping through the channels and allowing my mind to pitch whichever way the radio waves take me.  I enjoy reading as much as I enjoy TV and Movies so that is a little less painful.  Still, I would like to see how the Tigers are doing on the recruiting trail. I would love love to have easier access to facebook.  I miss keeping touch with everyone, reading updates, sending out little short comments on wall posts........ahh...... well......

Media is a blessing.  It really does get sweeter and sweeter with restraint and I suppose that is a good thing.  Eating all the cookies at once would just make you sick anyways, right?

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