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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Smell Fast - Day 31

Have you ever heard the phrase, "If you struggle, it will only be worse."  Those were the dreaded words I remember hearing as a Jr. Camper when some unnamed senior informed me of an imminent wedgie.   I think its funny now to say to one of our teens when I'm ruffing them up.  The point is ......its a surprisingly true statement that can be applied to a thousand situations of life.  Shots don't hurt nearly as bad when we don't tense up.  The ulcers don't form when we don't worry about the stressful situation.  There are simply some things we should learn to accept and not struggle against for our own good.  But we can't.  I can't just not scratch the mosquito bite.

Right now, I have an impulse to breathe through my nose.  I twitch my nose, wiggle it, scratch it.  I do anything I can to gain the tiniest air access.  The tiny bit of success I do achieve, however, brings little relief.  All this nose movement makes my nose more and more sore.  And still I do it.

There is a sin parallel to be found here.  Most of us know the end result of sin.  Death, regret, dejection, depression.  Of course there is momentary pleasure but its a pleasure that can never be satiated.  Its a pleasure without peace.  And yet we seek this pleasure still......

I try to resist the nose twitching like I resist the temptations of life.  Without much success, when my focus is on what not to do......with great success, when my focus is centered elsewhere.......especially on the goal, my prize, my Lord.

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