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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 39

I went to my first dance recital today.  It was quite entertaining.  It was a mix of toddlers and university students, classical and hip hop.  Gabrielle, you did great!   Last week I attended a couple 4-6year old Tball games.  There were dirt piles being made in the infield and bases being stolen (literally lifted off the ground and ran off with).  I even had the privilege to coach third base one of the games.  When our team's little lead off made it to third, she preceded to start telling me about her jazz dance team......never giving a moment's concern that there was a game going on.  She never took her eyes off me as she told me her story...despite my urging her to watch the batter.

Yesterday some friends from church got together to work on/in/around the building.  We vacuumed and scrubbed, cut and mulched.  I even developed some blisters trying to muscle the crazy buffing machine with the mind of its own. While we were taking a break I begin showing some of the ladies some good yoga techniques to pop your back.  This led to the teens seeing how flexible they were.....which led to all of us in some very funny which point one of the elders wives walked in on us.........good times.

These moments had two things in common.    1. They brought me joy.  2. They were all free.

We've all heard that expression, "the best things in life are free".  Well I am inclined to agree.  I can't say that I have experienced any substantive drop off in joy this last 40 days........I have more why do I spend?  Life has been a blessing before and after my spending freeze.  Could it be that spending is a little overrated?  Could it be that the convenience money can provide has little to do with providing joy?  It can give us pleasure but not joy.  Pleasure is the worldly man's cheap attempt to buy what can only be freely received from a good Giver.   You know how Proverbs says a man's riches may ransom his life but a poor man hears no threat?  Its true.

Its nice to be reminded that some of these chains we wear have been self shackled.  Its not difficult to free ourselves.  It is difficult, once we've become addicted to the imitation, to see the genuine for what it is.  Lord fill me with joy.  Don't allow me to fall in love with money and what it can do for me.  Let me see everything as truly yours.  Thanks for letting me borrow it.  I hope I can make you proud through and by my use of it.

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