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Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 11- a bunch of unrelated scent oriented activities.

I went to the Dollar tree and Hobby Lobby the other day.  I was looking for scratch and sniff stickers to use for a sermon illustration.  Neither had them!  I had to resort to amazon.

I felt powerless driving back to Clemson on Wednesday without my sense of smell.  My car has been leaking oil and I couldn't smell that distinct odor.  I had to stop every so often and manually check the oil.

Today I took a big risk.  I found some old salad dressing in the back of the fridge that I would normally sniff for a first line of defense.  Instead I just had to taste......and it was yummy.  Had the first lettuce and radishes out of the garden.

I was doing a search for people with a keen sense of smell and I came across this board where they were discussing what cushy jobs might be available for super smellers.  A couple of these folks claimed to possess this great gift, but no one could come up with anything all that relevant.   Suggestions included a truffle sniffer, gas leak detector, and deodorant tester.  None of these sounded too appealing.  

Its frustrating not being able to tell when its time for me to wash my shorts.  Normally they are judged on the smell test but now I have to wing it.

These animals in order are supposedly the ones with the best sense of smell.
- Shark 
- Moth 
- Dog (esp. the Bloodhound) 
- Snake 
- Rat 
- Albatross

The clip is getting much more comfortable but still makes me sore enough for me to take it off at night.

Our sense of smell is supposed to be strongest between the ages of 30-60.  Women are usually better smellers.  Its not likely genetic.  Probably men have allowed themselves to be exposed to so many foul smells over the years that their sense has been seared.

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