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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 22 - Smell fast

Unintended consequences are a funny thing.  Remember when you were young and you would cross your eyes?  You just thought it looked funny.   But eventually some smart alec would chime in with a, "If you keep doing that they will get stuck that way."  You grow up and realize that it was a silly warning.....but not being a doctor, you still harbor a faint suspicion that it could be true.  Well I am dealing with some slight anxiety about my nose.  When I remove my clip to stretch my nose, up down right left, I have these huge indentions where the nose piece was attached.  They are more like craters.  I don't consider myself to be vain but I don't want the new strange look......its different.....I like my nose the way it was thank you.

Rhinoplasty or "a nose job" is the second most common form of plastic surgery in the United States.  There are around 300,000 performed annually.  (2/3 are women, you vain creatures I think its strange to even have a discussion about noses but here we have hundreds of thousands of people yearly forking out $3,500 a pop.  I think I am going to go into business consulting......charge people about a hundred bucks who are wanting a new look, give them a $4 swimmers clip, save them $3,400, make me $96, and everyone is happy.  If they want a thinner nose....Easy.... squeeze that clip tight....leave it pain no gain ...and in a matter of weeks.....whalla.  Want a full wider nose?...shove that clip up those nostrils.  Let sit.  done.  Longer nose? ......fix to tip of nose ..... etc.... easy.

Its easy to speculate about a few  possible outcomes resulting from the decisions one makes, but its quite impossible to anticipate all outcomes in any comprehensive way.  But is it always necessary or important to think about the outcome?  Is it important to wonder what certain experiences might be like?  With my first three experiences this year I read books, prepared, prayed, and organized, all in preparation for the "experiment".  I readied myself.  With my nose experience I did none of those things.....just kind of jumped in to see what would happen.......and have enjoyed the "exploration" mightily.  The diversion is enjoyable.  I am thankful to be able to smell....and breathe.  I am constantly hoping for super senses.  But most of all I get jazzed about being able to "try" things.......In extraordinary ways.  Its fun.  And different.  I love most people's weird idiosyncracies for no other reason than the novelty.  The uniqueness.   I find myself realizing with all of these experiments that my unintended consequence are not some mysterious truths I discover at the end of the journey, but the joy of experiential discovery engaged in along the way.

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