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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 22

Well .....half way home.... and there are several observations I would like to share.

1. Generally, although guys more often express "envy" of what I am doing, they are usually more uncomfortable trying to communicate with me via my slower mediums
2. Girls conversely, often say something like "That would kill me.  There no way I could go without talking". Yet they seem most understanding and patient with my experiment.

There are some big exceptions to rules 1 and 2 above.

3. I've probably been taking too many siesta's from this experiment.  I need to do better.  It is a great thing though to have to continually ask yourself, "Is this worthy of opening my mouth?"

4. I can waste just as much time or be just as productive, silent or talking.

5. Candace is horrible at reading lips.

6. The convenience of drive thru's being removed my diet has gotten better.

I was quite excited and encouraged by a good friend of mine who said she's been applying this fast to her mornings.  She doesn't say a word until she drops the kids off at school.  She told me it has helped her stress level tremendously.  I like that I am introduced by my friends as a. my preacher who is doing this interesting fast.  b. my idiot brother who cannot speak.

Blessed are those who call on the name of the Lord.  If the only thing I use my mouth for is uplifting and encouraging....all the better.

Its funny when folks talk louder or slower or reach to grab my dry erase board when they want to tell me something.

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