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Friday, September 2, 2011

day 2 - Speaking

Well, made it through 2 whole days without saying an extraneous word.  Quite the accomplishment if I do say so myself.  No lies, exaggerations, excuses, or feet in mouth.  I did accidentally say something to Darlene when she came into the office today.  Just forgot.  I prayed with my friend Amanda.  I read my memory verses out loud.  I laughed, and sang some hallelujahs.

I also got this man that came to church today for some help to call someone and pretend he was me.

Here are some observations....
1. Going through the drive-thru is much more difficult.
2. If you point at your throat and don't speak everyone automatically assumes laryngitis.
3. Thumbs up and thumbs down have become the two most important gestures in my vocabulary.
4. Helping move big furniture without being able to speak is dangerous.
5. Its fun trying to communicate with a dry erase board.
6. I stink at charades.
7. Its harder memorizing when you can't vocalize.
8. I felt myself not making as good eye contact with people because I knew they would be more likely to speak to me and I wouldn't be able to respond well.
9. I'm texting like crazy.
10. I'm trying to figure out how to communicate with my Granny who doesn't text or email.  (may have to do some letter writing)
11. Silent speaking helps a lot.  Most folks can lip read a word or two.

Its tough.  You don't appreciate the power of a word until you do without it.  I mean the Lord spoke each day of creation into existence so even a human word must have some significance.  I've noticed the void left by my silence although awkward, has left room for some other folks to share things they might otherwise not have done.  I can easily monopolize conversations talking about me things.  I'm hoping if I don't have anyone else to cordially chit chat with, that it will help me appreciate and look forward to my chitchat time with God.

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