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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 8 - Hearing - What?!

This has been my frequent response the last several days.........  "What?!"  I'm able to have fairly normal conversations as long as folks face my direction when speaking to me.  However, when they turn away, start mumbling or "soft speak".... I'm lost.....which is fine if you don't mind my constant "huh?s" and "What?s" and uncomprehending

I wonder if God does this when we pray.  We ask for something and God says "What?".  You may think that is a weird thing for God to say being omniscient, omnipotent and all.  But it's not a "what" because he didn't hear......its a what corrective.  As an example ......imagine the family vacation.  Parents and children on the road and although loving each other deeply, are getting a little irritated with one another.  The twelve year old boy is exasperated with his mother, is dying  to get out of the car, and gets poked in the eye by his sister..... "Sh*t!" says the boy. (I'm sure a similar situation has never happened in your families)..............Now if that had been my brother being the little girl in the story, I am 98% sure what my father's response would have been.........................."WHAT DID YOU SAY?"  ............These are the words I envision before the car is pulled over and everything goes dark.

Now I don't think God does this exactly but I do think the "What did you say?" has to be echoing in his mind with some sad incredulity.  How do we manage to pray so selfishly sometimes?  Don't get me wrong.....I don't think its wrong to pray for most things as long as its peppered with a little "your will be done".  The problem is that's all some of us ever pray for....the things we want.  For God, That has GOT to get old.  Can't we at least try to be thankful and grateful sometimes?  How many of you have that friend or family member that when they know they NEED something from you?  Gets old doesn't it? Why do we think it would be any different for God?  On the other hand.......have you ever had someone call JUST to tell you how much they loved you, or how wonderful those cookies you made were, or how much they appreciated your visit?  It feels wonderful to get those calls.  In fact just a couple of those "you are wonderful" calls once in a while would likely make any future need calls from that individual almost appreciated.

I haven't had any true problems so far....except for a near death experience....not mine, but my surreptitious Ghanian roommate's, who walked up behind me in the kitchen while I was cutting tomatoes.....reflexes are a funny thing when you are startled.   That's happened a couple times when I didn't hear him in the room.  Can you imagine thinking you are alone and all of a sudden someone is there?  Crazy.

I keep wondering what it would be like to lose all your hearing.....I suppose you could read lips and still have conversations but all the things you would miss....  I can't imagine.

Anyways.....hope you are all doing wonderful today.  Later.

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