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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 29 - Easy Peesy

Its not hard to do a media fast when you are not around media.  Much of this home stretch will consist of little access ...thus ...little temptation.  Tomorrow morning at 4:45, 11 of us will be heading to Mexico to build homes for families in need.   We will be gone for about a week.

Some aspects of this fast have been easier than others.  I have ranked them for your convenience.

8.  TV - no sweat....didn't have it anyways
7. Internet news - get a highlight here or there but don't really miss it.
6. Internet deal sites - What if I miss a deal???? bad though.
5. Facebook...I do like seeing other people's ridiculous posts and jeering
4. Movies .....Although I love me some rentals... the good game time more than compensates
3. Radio......when I'm eating my Dairy Queen....mmmmm.....window rolled down....booming some toons
2. Fantasy Baseball....Surprisingly not at the top.....I miss it but maybe its just an out of site out of mind thing.
1. Recruiting.....Man do I get the itch to find out who Clemson is after.

I am thinking about making some political commitments.  Ecclesiastes 1:9 says there is nothing new under the sun.  This realization with a growing disenchantment in political mechanics has caused me to question some things.  I went back and read some of Lipscomb's thoughts and although I don't believe the state is evil....much like I don't think a hammer is evil......I am starting to feel Christian involvement in politics could be life spam.  Paul distinctly says choose the better.  Some things are permissible others are constructive.  I think  politics for most Christian may belong in the permissible but not constructive category.  What is better?  Feeding the poor?  Or fighting the government about what subsidies go to which disenfranchised group?   There is so much energy Christians put into politics that could be better spent in other areas.  If all that time and energy was redirected into meeting needs, I wonder how effective our witness would be....what would be our testimony?

Therefore, I think I may not vote...or participate in the political discourse in any way.  It just seems that Jesus and the apostles were not in the least bit concerned about the Roman institutional workings...Maybe I should not be so concerned about ours.....especially if it means less time helping the helpless.

I would be curious to get your thoughts.  This will be my last login in for a week so my apologies if I don't immediately respond.

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