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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 39 - clutter free

Although there is something about the lack of technological noise that has allowed me to experience greater clarity in my life, I don't think its the lack of technology per se.  I think this clarity is primarily due to greater simplicity found in the absence of the infinite number of "mechanisms" that occupy my attention so many hours a day.  Instead of figuring out the gadgets I am allowing my imagination to wander, I am speculating, thinking critically about my opportunities and responsibilities.   I am already feeling pre-remorse about ending this fast because it has been so enjoyable.   You might say...if its really been that great then why end it?  Well maybe this is one of those moments to move in that direction.  Less dependency on the "diversions", more moderation in practice and greater appreciation of entertainment media's virtue are all lessons I hope I've learned well.  Hopefully I'll be less wasteful with my time in the future.

In a couple days I am going to start the "hearing" fast.  I had thought about "speaking" first but with VBS and school starting I thought I would "shut up" a little later.   The last four should be some of the most interesting and entertaining.....hearing, speaking, walking, and ........we'll see.

In unrelated praying for our little church.  We are in the midst of appointing a new elder, hiring a new campus minister, and gearing up for Vacation Bible School.  We have lots of irons in the fire and want to do the best we can.

Clutter free.  That's what my mind feels like more so today than over a month ago.  I have a tendency to lose things....keys, wallet, phone.  Not frequently but often enough.  What do I invariably do when my first unsuccessful searches produce no results?  I clean.  I make my bed, clean all the books and shoes and dirty clothes off the floor.  95% percent of the time my keys were under a pillow or stack of papers.  Easily accessible, yet out of sight.  I wonder how much mental clutter keeps us from finding the things that matter.  Am I so consumed with ambition in my job that I lose the joy of working?  Am I so fixated on providing for my family that I don't enjoy "being" with my family?  Is a myopic focus on walking "right" with God preventing me from walking well?  ......forest, get the picture.

Well nothing too important going on today.  Just healing from my wimpy basketball injury yesterday.  Reading my textbooks for my fall class, doing some visiting and figuring out what I'm going to do about my broken washing machine.  Anyone have an extra?  I guess I should be happy it lasted as long as it did.  I bet that thing is 25 years old.  Anyways, can you name who said this....

My brother has ADD, which is weird because he drives a Ford Focus. I told my brother that joke but he didn't laugh becuase he got distracted by my shoe strings

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