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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 12 - boom babba.

I went to boys state my junior year of high school.   It was a very humbling experience.  All these confident and gifted young men made me feel a little inadequate.  But anyways, that's not why I brought up boys state.  We would sometimes be gathered to assembly and while we waited....staff would set up on stage.  One of the guys was huge.  He looked like an NFL linebacker.  As he would grab a chair and take it across the stage some of the fellas started chanting, "Boom babba boom babba boom" perfect sync with his steps.  It was quite funny and linebacker guy just gave us a little smirk.

Well with my new experiment that is a somewhat glorious side effect.  You know how the ground shook before King Kong showed up at the gates?  You remember the vibrations in the water before the Trex ate that goat in Jurassic Park.  Well I get that full effect now wherever I go.  I am now the "boom babba" man.  Everywhere I go.....this is what I hear.....echoing in my ears.  I make the ground shake!  At least that's what the vibrations.....sound me.  Alas for every ying there is a yang.  I've now had a hard time envisioning my super sneaky ninja abilities since I make so much noise .....I guess a small sacrifice to be the boom babba man.

Its interesting how sound deprivation has caused me to hear differently.  I now hear my heartbeat....all the time, my breathing, and my drinking.  Everytime I have a sprite, the carbonation fizzle is amplified in my head.  Its really quite curious and I must say.... enjoyable so far.  The only pain is folding my dumbo ears into my headphones.  I have never been vain or self conscious about my ears but when I have to fold them up, to get them in, you better believe I am now aware of their size.  Packaged thus.....they ache.

Don't you guys think there is a whole myriad of things we could see and hear spiritually if only we were able to cut out some of the visual and audible noise of life?  Be still and friend.

Well no great insights....Just read a great book for my class at Lipscomb this fall.  Inspiration and Incarnation.  Well written and great thoughts.  Good read.  I got mocked by the old lady working at Firehouse today.  She made a lots of very expressive mouth and hand motions to "make sure" I could hear her.  Peace!

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