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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 32

Wasn't today a wonderful Easter?  The weather was beautiful.  Everyone was together, visiting, enjoying each others company.  I spent the day with a new family at church and let me tell you they were a hoot.  Kids, and animals running all over.  No one was shy.  Everyone was happy to see me and friendly.....  They enjoy doing bunches of the same things I enjoy.  We talked about movies, looking for waterfalls, throwing knives, trampolines, and planting trees.  It was a good day.  It was a day of life, the kind of day I hope you had, and it got me thinking a lot about the resurrection.

See I had a little bit of an epiphany this week as I was thinking about Easter.  I though a lot about what resurrection means.  What are the implications of it for me?  Then I started thinking about the meaning of the word itself......especially the "re".  See resurrection is "coming back" to life.  I had always thought about the resurrection in terms of heaven and a new kind of life.  If I were to graph it linearly it would be (this life) then (death) then (a different life).  Although, this is true -in a sense- resurrection implies a more reflective line.  (This life) then (death) then (This life again).  This life again is obviously absent the pain.  But maybe the new life I spend so much time looking forward to is more similar to my life now than what I realize.  I hope this doesn't sound blasphemous to anyone.

In other words we get a glimpse of resurrection life now....but we get so caught up thinking about what it will be like we don't see what it  I know life can be hard but it can also be good.  Very good.  Why would people try so hard to hang on to it, if it weren't?  So yes, when things are difficult, take comfort in a life to come where there will be no more pain.  Just remember that this painless life to come may look much like the good part of your life today.

Its hard to rough it around the holidays.....even if you aren't eating out or going to the grocery store someone is always inviting you over and sending you off with a plate of food.  We took a group to work at Palmetto Bible Camp this weekend.  I ate better there than I normally do at home.  

I did catch my first squirrel.  I'm thinking four could make a good stew.  I also drank my first powdered milk.....gag!!!!  Maybe I can use it for cooking or something.?   I also found some old oatmeal mix that had bugs in it.

Still riding the bike and not purchasing anything for myself.  Feeling good in general of the money I'm saving while trying not to think too much about what I'm going to buy when I'm done.

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