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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 17 - Dog sitting

Recently, I've been dog sitting.  Buddy maybe the best dog in the world.  He is a medium sized mutt, brown and white with a tail that can knock down a house.  He looks like he may have a little pit bull in him.  He is good tempered and fun.  Like most dogs he likes to chase squirrels, run around outside, be petted, and play.   He is potty trained.  He loves other dogs and people.  I've never seen him snap at either, although lots of dogs don't like him.  Buddy has one big flaw though (outside of eating grass and sniffing butts).  He has separation anxiety.  Where ever I go he shadows me.  In ways its nice because you really don't need a lease.  Since the catbus doesn't allow dogs - go figure, I've had to drive more than normal.

Two of my friends found buddy as a puppy when he was abandoned under a house years ago.  He stayed with me about a week before he tried to dig his way out of the bathroom.  One of our students adopted him and he has been a part of the Bryan family (and honorary member of the Clemson Church of Christ) ever since.  Recently, after their other dog died, he literally busted through their door trying to get out so he wouldn't have to be alone.  Can you imagine?

See, I do alright alone least compared to others.  I don't normally miss people that much although I will sometimes tell them I do to make them feel loved (semantics).  I miss you all.  Not that I don't like seeing folks when I do.  I just don't miss.  I wonder sometimes what it would be like if I had Buddy's kind of separation anxiety with God.  I do miss God.  But I don't necessarily go crazy missing him when we've been apart.-not busting through the door missing anyways.......or maybe......just maybe......I don't get the anxiety......because even when I'm doing "my" thing, deep down I know God is still with me.  He's always on the other side of the door.  Yeah, I think I like that explanation better.  See Buddy is fine as long as he sees you.  Maybe I don't ever feel that anxiety because God has always been in view.......even when I've wandered far away.

Money wise I'm still doing well.  Its almost a game now.  I am actually starting to worry I might not eat all these leftovers/frozen/canned foods that I've had for way too long.  I ate some year old frozen fish last night ....mmmm....mmmmmm......

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