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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 21 - A broken toothbrush and a can of pears.

I am a regular brusher.  If I have a toothbrush available I will brush after every meal (no I don't borrow other people's toothbrushes).  I usually keep one at my house and one at the church.  The one at the church has my name on it.  So I am brushing the other day and all of a toothbrush breaks in half.  I don't know what to think.  This has never happened before.  My first reaction is to look down at my biceps and smile.......its just I didn't think I was actually brushing with full def con 5 force.  How could this have happened?
I hypothesize that maybe its the ants that love to get on my toothbrush.  No, I don't know where they come from .  I just know they are there.  I beat the brush on the sink to shake the ants free.  Then I squash them all leaving a lone survivor to go back and warn his never works.....Anyways, maybe the beating of the brush weakened the structural integrity.  Maybe it was a manufacturer's defect....I don't know.  All I know as I have never even HEARD of this happening to someone......and now I am left with a little bitty toothbrush to brush my teeth.  I know people used to use baking soda and their finger but not me.  I feel dirty without brushed teeth.

So Danny, why don't you just go buy one?  They are only like 2 bucks.....Ahhhhhhhh but thats the problem....thats a whole day's worth of food.

So I am running low on supplies.....I'm not going to starve, I have plenty of food I don't want.  Today I at a can of pears for lunch.  I don't dislike pears.....I just don't particularly enjoy them.  I am trying to.  I even have a pretty good pear tree in my back yard.  Its just that pears rank about 78th on my official fruit ranking.   This particular can of pears has been taunting me for years.  I don't really even know where it came from.  I may have inherited it or maybe it was a gift.  All I know is every time I see it in my cabinet, it says, "Danny, don't be so wasteful.  Eat me.  Quit wasting this space.  Millions of people would be happy to have me and you let me sit here in the dark gathering dust."  Of course I tell Mr. can of pears to shut up and quit haunting me but to no avail.  Today his ghost is gone forever.

I don't know why I tell you all this other than it really stinks sometimes not having money.  Not having money in the big things is bad enough, but I evidently can't get along without even the small things.  The little conveniences I've gotten used to, once stripped away, become deep losses.  I miss stopping at the Dollar General on my way home to get whichever whatchamagizet I need.  Its nice.  Easy.  But I guess we don't ever fully realize what we've got till its gone.  I am grateful for you fully functional non broken toothbrush.  I will never take you for granted again.


  1. Not to nit-pick, but Defense Readiness Condition (DEFCON) 5 is the "lowest state of readiness". DEFCON 1 is basically war. I know what you meant, but it's funny how you describe the power of your biceps - the lowest state of readiness.

    And I would love to have a pear tree.

  2. I've got the solution to your toothbrush problem. You just need a popcicle stick and duct tape to make a type of splint for it. With your engineering degree, I'm sure you can figure out how to fix it. :)
    Alice Stephenson