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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 28 - Random thoughts

I am still experimenting with different plugs.  I stumbled upon the best and maybe most expensive on my way up to Spartanburg yesterday.  It is a simple gelatinous wax.  You ball it up, shove it in your ear.  Comfortable and extremely effective.

I love going to Spartanburg.  The central church has some incredibly sweet and encouraging folks.  I did get a lot of incredulous looks when I was meeting and greeting before my talk.  I got some "your kidding'" some "No you're not!" and some older lady "Oh Danny!"  All with complete kindness.  They were great afterwards too.  Lots of good feedback.  It got me to thinking how much fun it is being an oddball.  There is definitely some power in the experience of "adventuring for the Lord"....or simply providing tangible object lessons for people to connect with.  It seems to resonate with people.  It gives substance to the concepts.  Its easy to understand concepts when you can see them being applied in a simple physical ways. I just want to help people seek God.  This is a silly way I am going about it but it works for me.  What works for you?  We need to come to grips with the fact that on this earth our search is never over.  We continually seek Him.  And revel in it. Or should.

I am always amazed at the random events in my life.  Last Friday I get a call from one of my Ghanian friends. We are friends ....not bffs..... so when he called, I was excited.  He begins, "What do you think about slaughtering a goat at your house?"  .........................???????????????.......... How would you have responded?  I kind of mumbled and stumbled, "um, well, ummmm, errrrr, what do you mean?"  He then tells me that one of their friends is leaving to take a job and they were throwing a big party for him.  They have a tradition, I guess, where they roast goat for the celebration.  So I am a little clued in but still slightly dazed.  "Are you wanting me to slaughter it?", I ask.   "NO, No. NO.", he said laughing. "We just need a place to do it because we live in the apartments and they wouldn't let us do it at the farm we bought the goats from because they have dogs."  (not sure what that has to do with anything, but ok) So I start thinking.....I know hunters dress out deer, but they don't actually kill the deer in their backyards.  I started envisioning a young neighbor child being traumatized as they look out their window.  So I said, "Sure but could you wait until it was dark?"  It was 8:00.
"Of course! We'll be there in 30 minutes."
"Where are the goats now?"
"In the trunk of our car"
"Oh.  OK. See you in a bit!"

When darkness comes and the three Ghanians arrive we chit chat it up and I position them in a place I feel is fairly shielded from outside eyes.  I get them some knives, flashlights, and a blow torch (to burn the hair off).  Then they pull their car to the back to use the headlights to see by.  I didn't stay to see the deed done, but checked on them periodically.  It took about 3 hours for both goats.  About 11pm I come out and they are straightening up.  My roommate has now joined them.  There flashlights and bloody knives wandering around my backyard and although I can't associate it with anything in particular I am quite certain its not a normal sight.

I think, "I love my life"

I truly believe my hearing is improving.  I am now operating under "the new normal".  When I take my plugs out and muffs off I can hear everything!  I'm pretty sure I could hear my neighbors down the block whispering to each other.

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