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Monday, December 27, 2010

Here we go.

Have any of you ever felt like you were in a spiritual rut?  I don't mean the type of rut where you are out devising wicked schemes and foolishly trying to manipulate the world to submit your selfish whims.  I am talking of a lack of passion, an absence of excitement, a far cry from the mountaintop experience most of us feel at some point in our ordinary (if that's possible) Christian walks?  Well this is part of my reason for a year of fasting.

I enjoy ministry.  I enjoy teaching.  I enjoy preaching.  I enjoy enjoying. 

I am content. ......kind of....
I guess I have been feeling rather complacent, and I don't want to feel this way.  I want to want something more.  I want to be in love with God.  Completely.  I want every moment to have meaning.  I want every glimpse of life to be picturesque. I want every breath to be taken fully.  

Is this idealistic or unrealistic?  Maybe.......... not.  Is it possible?  .......Maybe.  I want to find out.

I have been thinking about a year of fasting for some time.  Theologically, there are many great reasons to participate in the spiritual disciplines.  There are a plethora of men and women who have meditated on the ways and have reasoned out the whys quited persuasively over the centuries.  The virtues found in these disciplines I am going to assume on faith.  I hope that the experience of spiritual experimentation will reveal truth that I could not have understood passively.  I hope, as Foster explains, to place myself in a position to be transformed by God.

I hope a year of fasting will help me to this end, but since I am new to blogging and am getting tired I guess I will explain my purposes and strategies ....all those little details ....and my grand schemes and dreams....tomorrow....

Good night.

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