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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 26 -Wheeling in the Dark

Warning: there is no real point to this short story besides....the little discoveries of life are quite enjoyable.

I was getting ready to go to bed the other night, and I go to turn off the lights.  Most nights, Emmanuel is up much later than me, so he is the one to flick off any remaining switches.  Normally, when I am walking around I have a system for turning lights off.  It basically involves lights in each room being on.  You then turn off each of these lights on your way to your ultimate destination which for me was my bedroom.  This night however, when I flipped off the kitchen light I realized there were no other lights on in the entire house.  It was pitch black.  I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face. 

Most times in the past I would simply sigh, turn the kitchen lights back on, and go turn on the lights making the path to my bedroom.  Then  I would backtrack to the kitchen, turn off the lights in reverse order, leaving each room behind me in darkness.   Its kind of like painting yourself into a corner with darkness.   Not a lot of work, but when you're feeling lazy, even the smallest tasks seem large.  So what do I do?  Normally there is a big downside to following the lazy route.  Many of you have experienced this.  Its the infamous stumped toe.  I hate them, and because I am as clumsy as the next person with larger than normal feet, I am often smashing them (Thus birthing my long pre-sleep light path routine).   Anyways, my time in darkness, earlier this year has greatly alleviated this fear.  I now walk in darkness with much more confidence.  I now have in my arsenal a plethora of anti - toe stubbing techniques.  Still the worry remains.............anyways to make a short story long, I chose the lazy way..........and discovered something amazing.

Wheeling in the darkness is much less dangerous than walking in the darkness!  Why?  well let me illustrate.

You guys ever see someone kick field goals using the straight toe style?  Almost no one does anymore.  They actually makes shoes for this.  Anyways, this is the way my dad used to kick field goals.  Straight on.  Straight toes.  The problems is, that if you aren't wearing the correct shoes, and when you are kicking a coffee table leg and not a football, this can be quite painful.  I found wheeling in the dark is much more like sliding into second base.  

With your feet out, toes pointing to the sky, any foreign objects unexpectedly making contact with your feet, are harmlessly absorbed in the way God intended....without pain.  Let me tell you this was quite the revelation.  

This may not be a big deal.  It may not ever significantly affect anyone but me.  It will only save me a few seconds every few nights.  Yet, it still made me smile to think about.  I hope it does you too.

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