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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 2 - Almost really needing a wheelchair.

Yesterday my friend Shea picked me up to go eat lunch with another friend Jay.  After scooching into her truck, we discovered my door wouldn't shut.  Slam the door, Slam, Slam, Slam.....nope that's not going to work.  It looked like the latch in the door was caught and wouldn't disengage. We decided I would just hold it shut until we got to the restaurant.  Well a wrong turn and 3/4 U turn into oncoming traffic later and I realized the pretend need for a wheelchair and the actual need weren't that far apart.

Anyways, wheeled right into Fatz and had a great meal.  I think people might be nicer to you when they think you can't walk.  People were getting doors and chumming it up with me pretty well.

Have you ever ran out of gas 20 feet from the pump?  I hadn't either but Shea managed it today.  lol.   I think she had mixed emotions.  It may have been like when I left my wallet in Wal Mart with 100 bucks.  Someone benevolently turned it in with 20 dollars.  Kind of thankful.  Kind of irritated.

A sweet lady from church brought me a little bicycling mechanism so I can exercise my legs a little and not get atrophy.  My plan is not to "walk".  I have stood up a couple times.  I needed to walk for about 20 feet today once to meet Mary for a bible study, the second to get the Myers clan for church.  I wheeled out to the van, threw the chair in the back and walked to the drivers seat.

(spending 10 minutes scooching in the passenger side and trying to pull the chair in after me= utter failure)
I'm sure if anyone saw me it would have been a great laugh.

Anyways, at church, the kids loved wheeling me around.  It is the first experiment that all the kids were envious of.  Everyone under the age of 10 wanted a "ride".  They also all wanted a turn pushing me around.  I was happy to oblige.   I might be sick.  I definitely can't sleep.  Regardless of these slight inconveniences .........Overall a good day.  

This will be me by the end of this 40 days!!!  lol.

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